You Can’t Have It Your Way: Man Who Was Trapped in Burger King Bathroom Sues Over Rescinded Food-For-Life Deal

burger king bathroom storyUPDATED: 01/04/18, 10:15AM

Though their slogan would beg to differ, it looks like Burger King doesn’t always let their customers have it their way and this time an Oregon man is suing because of it.

Here’s the breakdown: 50-year-old Curtis Brooner went to wash his hands in a Burger King bathroom and ended up stuck in there for over an hour while employees, he alleges, laughed at him and tried to use a fly swatter to pry the door open.

Upon his release, Brooner’s attorney Michael Fuller says that his client was offered free food for the rest of his life at that location for his bathroom troubles. This, however, only lasted a few weeks before management rescinded the offer. Now Brooner is looking for cash equivalency for whatever the cost of free Whoppers for the rest of his life would be. No, really, he and his lawyer did the math.

Because of the nature of his fast food diet, they determined that he’d live 5 years less than the average person, but the cost of 22 years worth of food (they calculated 1 burger per week) would be $9,026.16.

That’s a lot of cheese for an hour stuck in a bathroom. Brooner’s attorney believes that Burger King will settle.