Prince Philip Involved in Car Accident

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Photo Attribution: Aaron McCracken / Harrisons

UPDATED 2019/02/08

While in Sandringham, England on January 17th, 2019 enjoying the end of the holiday season with his wife Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a car accident in which his vehicle, a Land Rover, overturned. Prince Philip, who is 97-years-old and has had a few health setbacks lately, had not been seen at public events in several months at the time of the crash.

The photos of the crash make the situation look quite serious and the damage to the vehicle looks very severe. An ambulance was called to the scene to treat the Duke of Edinburgh’s minor injuries. Those at the scene reported that there was blood at the scene.

Buckingham Palace released a statement about the accident saying, “The Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle this afternoon. The Duke was not injured. The accident took place close to the Sandringham Estate.”

A retired lawyer, Roy Warne, was the first on the scene and helped Prince Philip. He said of the situation, “He was obviously shaken and then he went and asked if everyone else was alright.”

Though Prince Philip walked away from the crash without any injuries and was checked out by a medical professional, the driver of the other car, a 28-year-old woman, sustained some cuts as a result of the wreck, and her passenger was left with a broken wrist. Both the 28-year-old and her passenger were taken to the hospital, checked out, and discharged. There was also a 9-month-old baby in their vehicle at the time of the crash who was uninjured in the incident.

Police said in a statement, “As is standard procedure with injury collisions, the incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken. We are aware of the public interest in this case, however, as with any other investigation it would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the collision until an investigation is carried out.”

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