Lifetime Sued for Using Family’s Christmas Card Without Permission, Calling a Family Ugly

lifetime christmas cards suedUPDATED: 01/10/2019 4:15PM

Looks like Lifetime was on one family’s naughty list this holiday season. The network, which is known for its heartwarming holiday movies apparently wasn’t feeling so holly and jolly when it aired a film that showed a real-life family’s holiday card in one of its scenes and made fun of their appearances.

According to Setiam and Katherine Allah, a scene in the film Christmas Harmony shows one of their family photos as a prop without their permission. To make matters worse, the main character, Harmony, allegedly pins up the family photo to the wall and her love interest says to take it down. “They’re festive,” she protests! He replies, “They’re ugly!”

Yikes! The Allahs were allegedly embarrassed when family and friends started calling to tell them that they saw the scene and that the family was easily recognizable. According to their lawsuit, the Allah’s aren’t sure how the photo got to Lifetime in the first place; they only sent out about 50 of them.

The Allahs are now suing Lifetime for all of the movie’s profits.