Shooting in New Zealand Mosques Leaves 49 Dead

Shooting in New ZealandUPDATED: 2019/03/15 12:00PM

Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two central Christchurch, New Zealand mosques in a terrorist attack. Officials reported that one man in his late 20s is being charged with murder and that there were two explosive devices found attached to a vehicle that they stopped.The gunman streamed a live video of the attack on Facebook and shared a nearly 90-page manifesto online.

41 people were killed at Al Noor Mosque and seven at Linqood Mosque just 15 minutes away. Another victim died at Christchurch hospital.

Police said that four people, three men and one woman, had been taken into custody. The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, said that one of them is an Australian. Of the three others, the police commissioner said that one of them may have nothing to do with the attack and are continuing to try to figure out how the other two suspects may have been involved. The man being charged with murder will appear in court on Saturday morning.

None of those involved had been on any security watch lists.

This story is still developing.