Man Who Killed Wife and Daughters Says He Didn’t Want Anyone Lying For Him After the Crime

UPDATED 2019/03/08 3:00PM

Chris Watts, 33, killed his pregnant wife Shanann, 34,  and their two children 4-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste in August 2018 before disposing of their bodies at an oil field where he worked. According to prosecutors in the case, the 33-year-old strangled his wife and then suffocated his children before putting them in his car and driving away to dispose of their bodies.

Now, months later, Watts is speaking with law enforcement about his state of mind in the weeks and months before the brutal murders and why he plead guilty to the crimes.

Watts had initially blamed his wife for killing his two daughters, telling police that he saw her smother them. From there, though Watts said that he had not planned the killings, he certainly took steps to create a plausible story for his family, friends and police to believe, taking off Shanann’s wedding ring to indicate she wanted a divorce, choosing a plausible story that his family would believe and taking a therapy book his wife wanted him to read and throwing it in the trash.

Before he was arraigned in court for their deaths, Watts appeared on a local newscast looking concerned and pleading for the return of his family. He told police that he did not want to do interviews initially, but a friend had set one up.

It all fell apart when he took a polygraph test, and it was just a few weeks after his arrest that he told his attorneys that he was guilty. “I didn’t want my attorneys to lie for me for two or four years,” he told police. Watts is currently serving five life sentences after Shanann’s family and prosecutors decided to drop the possibility of the death penalty.