Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Fight Against The Release of Spa Video

Release of Spa VideoUpdated:  4/12/2019 10:37 AM PDT

The legal team of Robert Kraft made their way into a courthouse Friday morning prepared to act against and fight in a legal war over the release of video footage to the public where it revealed Kraft receiving sexual acts at a day spa in Jupiter Florida.  Attorneys Jack Goldberger, Alex Spiro, and William Burck all arrived early morning at the courthouse ready to argue the case. 

As previously reported, Kraft’s team has continued the fight to keep the surveillance videos of Kraft under wraps, fearing that the release of it could obstruct Kraft’s chances of receiving a fair trial. 

Several media outlets have filed court documents hoping to gain access to the video so they can share it publicly.

Police officials claim they have recorded graphic footage of Kraft (and other men) inside the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida back in January, which showed the 77-year-old receiving sexual acts in exchange for money.

Kraft argued several times that the videos of him should not be released to the public, claiming that the footage was not only obtained illegally by authorities, but that the footage would do “irreparable harm” to his reputation if ever leaked out.

The judge is currently hearing arguments from both sides.


10:30 AM PT – During today’s hearing prosecutors admitted despite their initial thoughts, they have no real evidence of human trafficking taking place at the Orchids of Asia day spa. They also mentioned there would no longer be an ongoing investigation to search for additional evidence. 

Kraft’s attorneys have argued for a while that cops knew there was no actual evidence of human trafficking.

As of now, the hearing is starting to get heated. Kraft’s team is insisting prosecutors are holding the threat of releasing the surveillance footage “like a sword” over Kraft’s head, trying to force him into taking a plea deal.