Middle School Basketball Game Devolves Into Chaos As Fans Break Out Into Brawl

UPDATED: 2019/01/24 1:00PM

So much for sportsmanlike conduct! A middle school basketball game in New Jersey ended with a brawl in the stands. In a surveillance video released by police, a woman gets up from her seat and begins to yell at fans from the opposing team. That’s when fists begin to fly and a player can even be seen running into the stands. The police suspect that the young man was going into the stands to defend his mother.

In the truly chaotic video, a woman hand a baby to another player on the court before joining the brawl herself. The fight was eventually broken up and the four women involved are all facing charges. 22-year-old Asis Martin was charged with three counts of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct, 20-year-old Kamya Kibler and 18-year-old T’Kyah Dowe were charged with one count of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

Additionally, 34-year-old Wanda Rivera and 52-year old Wanda Rios were each charged with disorderly conduct. The 13-year-old male who ran into the stands was charged with disorderly conduct as well.