Live Nation being Sued by Neal Schon and His Wife Michaele

UPDATED:  3/27/2019 7:28 PM PDT

Neal Schon, the guitarist in the band Journey, claims his wife, Michaele, was violently abused by a security guard while pictures were being taken of him performing during his concert.

According to legal documents, Schon says Michaele, who became famous after crashing a White House dinner in 2009, was near the front of the stage during Schon’s Fort Wayne, Indiana concert back in 2017 when she physically attacked. Schon states his wife was, “violently assaulted and forcibly thrown into a PA system.” It’s not clear as to what exactly provoked the attack against her.

Schon, who married Michaele in 2013, claimed his wife had suffered immense emotional distress over the incident that took place. He also claims to have suffered emotional distress, “as an artist,” and is now worried about his wife while performing with Journey.

Schon is now holding Live Nation responsible for the affair that happened to his wife, claiming that they allegedly provided the security for the venue he was performing at. They are both now suing Live Nation for unspecified damages.