Kim Kardashian Suing Fast-Fashion Brand for Using Her to Sell Their Knockoff Clothes

UPDATED 2019/02/21

Kim Kardashian has long been critical of fast fashion brands who use her iconic high-end style to create cheap knockoffs versions, but now she is taking that criticism a step further by taking one of those brands to court.

Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Missguided USA, an online retailer that sells outfits that are very similar to those worn by celebrities, for using her name and image without her permission to advertise those knockoffs.

In the lawsuit, Kardashian cites multiple examples of when Missguided posted its own versions of an outfit Kardashian wore and posted herself on Instagram within days or hours of her posting. She included side-by-side examples.

Kardashian also claims that Missguided usually tags her in the posts and uses photos of her to advertise the clothes, which she says is akin to false advertising and gives their customers the idea that she’s working with the company directly.

According to TMZ, Kardashian is planning to file many more lawsuits against these fast fashion brands. Kardashian is asking the judge for an injunction to stop Missguided from using her image and is seeking damages in the excess of $10 million.