Former Trump Staffer Wants to Nullify NDAs with Class-Action Lawsuit

UPDATED 2019/02/21

Former Trump campaign official, Jessica Denson is filing a class-action claim to nullify all nondisclosure agreements that the Trump campaign forced its staffers to sign. In the claim, Denson argues that the NDAs are too vague, too broad and can be used as a means of retaliation against those staffers who complain about their workplace conditions. Trump is a big fan of non-disclosure agreements and uses them often.

Denson’s lawyers, David Bowles and Maury Josephson, have estimated that there were thousands of employees, volunteers and contractors who have been forced to sign these NDAs that keep them from exposing any secrets or making any disparaging comments about Trump, his family or his campaign.

Bowles told The Post, My client believes that the campaign has been using these NDAs as a bludgeon against workers who want to speak out and anybody who wants to make a comment that could be construed as critical of the president of the United States.”