Driver of School Bus Involved in Newark Crash Arrested for DUI, Was Actually an Aide

UPDATED 2019/02/22 5:00PM

57-year-old Lisa Byrd was arrested for driving a school bus full of children with special needs while under the influence on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. In a recent development, it was found that Byrd was not a licensed school bus driver at all, but a school bus aide.

Byrd decided to drive the bus during a snow emergency in Newark, New Jersey on Wednesday, as the driver on the route was running late. The bus then hit a tree as investigators claim Byrd overdose on what they assume was heroin.

The owner of the school bus company says that he was not aware that Byrd was on any illegal substances. In fact, he theorized to one publication that it was a drop in the woman’s blood sugar that lead to the crash. First responders to the scene used Narcan to revive Byrd. Narcan is a narcotic that is typically used in patients who have overdosed on heroin. It can also be used on hyperglycemic people.

Eyewitnesses at the scene also said that Byrd did not seem to be on any narcotics, but police say that they found drug paraphernalia on-board the bus. All 12 children on board were safe.

Byrd is scheduled to make her first appearance before a judge via video from Essex County Jail on Friday, February 22nd.