Chicago City Planning to Sue Jussie Smollett for Half a Million Dollars

Chicago City Planning to SueUpdated: 4/11/2019 3:37 PM PDT

Chicago city is planning to release a hammer on Empire star, Jussie Smollett after pressing lawsuits against him. From this, he may go on trial effectively for allegedly being involved for the staged “attack” back in January. The City is demanding Smollett to pay upwards of a half a million dollars as reimbursement for all the costs the city paid during his case.

As previously reported, the city threatened to sue Smollett if he didn’t pay $130k to cover the cost of investigating a case that was faked by him. The City of Chicago enforced a letter to Jussie’s team earlier this month, but they ignored the message entirely.

The City stated that the cost of investigating the case was at least $130,000 in overtime, but now is requesting hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to the $130,000 to cover attorney fees and added expenses. The City wants the judge to triple that amount to punish the actor. 

As reported, the lawsuit claims Smollett scoped out the specific location for the “attack” with Abel and Ola 2 days prior before the attack and a dry run the day before. They all agreed Abel would attack Smollett but would not hurt him critically, allowing him a chance to fight back.  

The case claims that the men also scripted the entire attack, with the brothers calling Jussie homophobic and racist slurs. 

They discussed the placing of the rope around Jussie’s neck and pouring liquid all over him.  

The brothers were instructed not to bring their cellphones, presumably so they couldn’t be tracked down.

The suit also mentions that Jussie intentionally misled officers into believing his attackers were white males when he knew otherwise.

As you may know, prosecutors shockingly dropped a total of 16 criminal counts against Smollett, which didn’t sit well with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago PD – and now it has many calling for the job of State Attorney Kim Foxx.