Stormy Daniels Is Suing Columbus Police Department Vice Officers Over 2018 Strip Club Arrest

Stormy Daniels sues police departmentStormy Daniels, former porn star and Trump mistress, is taking some of the vice officers from the Columbus Police Department to court claiming that they only arrested her at a strip club in 2018 because she spoke out against President Trump.

Daniels claims that the officers entered into a conspiracy with one another after learning that she would be making an appearance at the club. That is when they decided to go undercover–their only intention being to humiliate her, ruin her reputation, and retaliate for speaking up about her affair with Donald Trump on 60 Minutes.

She also claims that her civil rights were violated because of her false arrest and imprisonment, and now she’s suing for damages. For their part, the Columbus Police Department did acknowledge that the arrest was a mistake and there was a federal corruption probe into the matter.