Single Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer

How is this possible? When you think of a single-car accident you may think there was a negligent person behind the wheel of a car that caused this on themselves. Maybe even driving under the influence. While you may not be very familiar with them, they happen just as often as car accidents that involved more than one vehicle. Several factors may contribute to an a single-car accident. Unsafe roadways, terrible weather conditions, car trouble, and sometimes even a careless driver in another vehicle according to a car accident lawyer from our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch.

How might these things cause single-car accidents? A defective car is just that. There are parts of the vehicle that are not fully equipped for the job they were intended to fulfill. Brakes go out and prevent drivers from making proper turns and cause them to hit other things. Steering wheels may lock, which causes normally safe drivers to crash unintentionally. Even if the car is in tip-top shape, drivers are not perfect and may misuse the vehicle, and cause an accident.

When being taught to drive, you may have heard the saying “you must drive for other people on the road”. This is because there are actual careless and reckless drivers on the road. People that text and drive actively, people that drink and drive frequently, and people that just downright cannot drive at all. Due to the lack of care on another person’s behalf, a normally careful driver may avoid an accident that leads to a single-car accident by say swerving to dodge a car and striking a light pole. This is a very common factor in single-car accidents.

Now, while roadways are expected to be safe and taxpayers pay money to have safe roadways, this is not always ensured. In major cities, there is always some construction going on to expand the roadways or make them better. With this being said, this is also a leading cause in single-car accidents and lead to bigger issues.

While the reason for the accident may take time to prove and determine, it is best to speak with an experienced attorney that can evaluate the scene of the accident and help prove to whichever entity may have caused the accident that you are not to be held accountable. Speaking with an attorney will also tell you if you have a case at all, and if you may not, you can still seek legal advice on what you should do next.

An attorney can also protect your best interests throughout a case. For example, many people often call their insurance companies and say something wrong that the companies will try to use against them later in a case. If you reach out to a lawyer first, they can deal with third parties for you to ensure that everything is in accordance with your case. Reach out to a qualified attorney near you immediately so that they can take on your case and offer you a consultation.