Married School Teacher Charged with Kidnapping After Allegedly Kissing Student

Breanna HernandezUpdated: 2019/01/21 11:00AM

27-year-old Breanna Hernandez, a high school teacher at Basic High School in Henderson, Nevada was arrested after on two counts each of first-degree kidnapping, lewdness with a minor, and luring a minor with a computer for a sexual act. She allegedly had a student over to her house twice and kissed him. Though not specified by reports, it is suggested that the boy was 14 or 15 at the time.

The pair began communicating in September 2018 and another student reported finding the messages on her phone after the male student logged into an app but forgot to log out.

The student told police that the pair kissed for the first time at her home on Halloween and met at her home again on November 3rd. According to reports, the student walked to Hernandez’s home on Halloween where they kissed on her patio. On November 3rd, Hernandez picked up the student and bought him to her home.

Hernandez was released from the Clark County Detention Center after posting bond. She has been ordered to avoid contact with the male student or his family.