Suit Filed Against Atlanta Nightclub After Facebook Live Video Records Sexual Assault

UPDATED: 2019/02/13 1:00PM

Jasmine Eiland and her attorney, L. Chris Stewart, are suing the popular Atlanta nightclub, Opera Atlanta, for allegedly failing to properly protect their patrons after Elland was sexually assaulted in their establishment.

On January 20th, the night of the incident in question, the club was hosting a concert, and according to Eiland and her legal team, did not have enough security — negligence that would lead to her assault on the dance floor as she streamed her birthday party on Facebook Live. The video has since been removed.

The assault was reported by a woman who said she had seen an incident on this stream, which showed “a black female being groped on her chest and possibly being raped from behind” as she screamed ‘no, stop.'”

According to the incident report, responding officers were unable to find Eiland when they arrived at Opera nightclub, about an hour after the video was recorded.

“In the video you can clearly hear the female saying, ‘stop, please somebody help me,'” the incident report states.

The alleged suspect in the assault case has since been put in jail. Dominique Williams, 34, turned himself in two weeks ago after police obtained a warrant for his arrest on a charge of aggravated sodomy.

Williams appeared in court Wednesday for his preliminary hearing. While the judge not only found there was probable cause for the sodomy allegation and for a new charge of rape in a 2018 case involving another woman, Williams and his legal team maintain his innocence, posting on instagram that, “”These allegations are false, and the evidence will prove our client should have never been charged.”