Cosby Claims He is a Political Prisoner — Shows No Remorse

statement given by Bill CosbyUPDATED: 2019/02/14 12:00 PM

In a statement given by Bill Cosby — his first since his incarceration — the famous comedian and television star blames his imprisonment on a covert political agenda, subtly comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Randal Robinson, and Dr. Benjamin Chavis,” and says he’ll never have remorse for his crimes:

“My political beliefs, my actions of trying to humanize all races, genders and religions landed me in this place surrounded by barb wire fencing, a room made of steel and iron,” the comedian said in a statement released by press spokesman, Andrew Wyatt.

Cosby’s long and winding path to his conviction last September began in 2004 when Andrea Constand accused him of sexual assault. A decade later, many other women came forward with accusations that Cosby had drugged and assaulted them in similar incidents over his career as a powerful celebrity.

Cosby now faces 10 years behind bars as result of the Constand case — the only one to be brought to trial within the statute of limitations.

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