Giants CEO Larry Baer Suspended from Occurrence with Wife

Giants CEOUPDATED: 3/26/2019 7:07 AM PDT

The Major League Baseball has suspended Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, and will be withdrawing his pay until July 1, 2019, because of an incident that was taken place back in March with his wife.

They require Baer to undergo complete counseling before allowing him to rejoin the league.

Commissioner Rob Manfred states that the unpaid suspension will be backdated to March 4, 2019, the day at which Larry Baer took a leave from the team.

“During the period of his suspension, Baer shall have no involvement in the operations of the Giants,” Manfred mentions.

“The Club shall be operated by an interim control person appointed by the ownership group in consultation with the Commissioner. Baer will be required to undergo an evaluation by an expert to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan.”

Manfred continues, “At my direction, the Department of Investigations conducted an investigation into the March 1, 2019, video-recorded incident involving Larry Baer. I also personally met with Mr. Baer.”

“Based on my review of the results of the investigation, I have concluded that Mr. Baer’s conduct was unacceptable under MLB policies and warrants discipline.”

“In determining the appropriate level of discipline, I find that Mr. Baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader he is expected to be a role model for others in his organization and community.”

“Based on my conversation with Mr. Baer, it is clear that he regrets what transpired and takes responsibility for his conduct.”

A video was posted revealing Baer and his wife in a physical altercation at a public park in which Baer knocks his wife to the ground while trying to pry a phone out of her grasp. You can hear in the video as she cries out, “Oh my god. Help!”

Since this public affair, Baer’s wife has continued to show support towards Larry after the incident took place, making it seem like the whole ordeal was just an ordinary marital argument.

Larry has now made a statement on the suspension in which he said, “I respect and accept the Commissioner’s decision, and I respect and accept the Commissioner’s decision, and appreciate the fair and thorough process undertaken by MLB and the Giants.”

“I made a serious mistake that I sincerely regret, and I am truly sorry for my actions. My unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community.”

“I will now immediately begin the significant work ahead of me to listen and learn from my mistakes and seek professional advice. I am committed to doing what it takes to earn the trust and respect of the many people impacted by my actions.”