Car Attacker of Charlottesville Pleads Guilty to 29 Hate Crime

New Jersey Man Indicted for Arson, Quadruple Murder of His Brother, Sister-In-Law and Their Children After Business DisputeUPDATED: 3/27/2019 4:39 PM ET

A jury in Virginia convicted James Alex Fields for driving head-on into a crowd of people during a 2017 white nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville. Today, the Department of Justice has announced that James has pleaded guilty to all 29 federal hate crimes.

Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, meaning, Fields will be avoiding the possibility of the death penalty for his actions.

The charges covered a hate crime act which resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, and 28 other counts of hate crime acts that resulted in bodily injury and involved an attempt to kill others within the crowd, the Department of Justice stated.

Previously, Fields pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, as well as an additional charge which was an act of racially motivated violence against a federal activity.

Bill Barr, the General Attorney, and US Attorney, Thomas T. Cullen both stated that Fields executed an act of domestic terrorism when he drove into a crowd of protestors.

“In the aftermath of the mass murder in New Zealand earlier this month, we are reminded that a diverse and pluralistic community such as ours can have zero tolerance for violence on the basis of race, religion, or association with people of other races and religions,” Barr said.