Former MLB Pitcher John Wetteland Arrested on Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Former Major League Baseball pitcher John Wetteland Updated: 2019/01/15 4:00PM

Former Major League Baseball pitcher John Wetteland has been arrested for first degree felony continuous sex abuse of a child who was under fourteen. If convicted he could face up life in prison. The 52-year-old was released from custody after posting a $25,000 surety bond. His accuser is a male family member who claims that Wetteland engaged in oral sex with him on 3 separate occasions while he was a young child from 2006-2008.

Wetteland was a closer for the New York Yankees in 1996 and also played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers. He later went on to serve as a bullpen coach for the Washington Nationals and is currently a member of the Rangers’ Hall of Fame.

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