Bloomberg’s Bow Out Boosts Biden

Bloomberg’s Bow Out Boosts BidenJoe Biden’s unexpected success in the polls on Super Tuesday pushed former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg out of the race altogether, which in turn gave Biden a boost over the other primary contender left standing, Bernie Sanders. 

Many are saying that with Bloomberg no longer in the race, Biden has become the flag bearer of the party’s moderate wing.

Former vice president to Barack Obama, Biden, won at least nine of the 14 states that participated in the primary elections on March 3. Included in these nine states is a big win with Texas because many see Texas as a key state whose backing will especially help to defeat Republican candidate, President Donald Trump. These wins shot Biden ahead in the polls for the overall tally of delegates who will choose a presidential nominee at the Democratic convention in July.

Up until this pivotal moment for Biden, Senator Sanders’ status had been as the Democratic front-runner, and Bloomberg was still a contender in the race. 

Biden’s triumph has been especially surprising to many because the week just prior to Super Tuesday, Biden had been trailing Sanders in most state and national opinion polls.

When Bloomberg officially abandoned his presidential campaign he resoundingly endorsed Biden- but it is yet to be seen if this will come with any of the same lavish spending of the media billionaire’s own money that he did during his own campaign. Because both men appeal to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party, some are predicting that Bloomberg’s absence from the race will give Biden the boost he needed to come out ahead of Sanders and ultimately, Donald Trump.

After Bloomberg endorsed him, Biden tweeted, “I can’t thank you enough for your support — and for your tireless work on everything from gun safety reform to climate change. This race is bigger than candidates and bigger than politics. It’s about defeating Donald Trump, and with your help, we’re gonna do it.”