3 People Arrested After Utah Real Estate Agent Allegedly Shot and Killed While Trying to Evict Tenants

homicideUpdated: 2019/01/21 11:00AM

Three people have been arrested for the homicide of real estate agent David Stokoe. 31-year-old Manuel Velasquez was booked for murder and other charges while 30-year-old Diana Hernandez and 38-year-old Jessica Miller were accused of interfering with the investigation.

Velasquez admitted to shooting Stokoe with a handgun after the real estate agent attempted to evict the tenants in the apartment. According to Velasquez’s statement, Stokoe kicked in the door to the apartment and put him into a choke hold, which is when Velasquez claimed to grab a gun from his fanny pack and shot the victim. After shooting Stokoe, Velasquez, Hernandez and Miller then hid the body in a crawlspace, where is was overlooked in the initial search.

According to Stokoe’s half-brother, the description of events sounds out of character for his brother.

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