SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer, won’t face prosecution for fight with wife

Giants CEOUPDATED: 2019-03-20 12 PM

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer does not face any charges as a result of a physical altercation with his wife, Pam, that was caught on tape.

Sources say that officials thoroughly investigated the altercation and ultimately determined Baer’s action’s did not constitute a crime.

The SF District Attorney’s office gave the following statement to reporters from TMZ… “After a careful review of the relevant evidence, including multiple videos, statements from several witnesses and the parties themselves, the evidence does not support filing criminal charges.”

In the video recording, Baer can be seen in a physical altercation with his wife in a public park where Pam is ultimately knocked to the ground in a struggle to pry a phone out of her hands. In the recording, she can be heard yelling, “Oh my god. Help!”

As a result of the incident, Larry has taken a leave of absence from his job with the Giants while cops and the MLB investigate the situation. He as also has expressed his remorse.

“I am truly sorry for the pain that I have brought to my wife, children and to the organization. It is not reflective of the kind of a person that I aspire to be, but it happened and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I never behave in such an inappropriate manner again,” Baer says.

Pam Baer has publicly expressed her support of her husband and maintains that the two are happily married.