R. Kelly’s Attorney Welcomes Courtroom Cameras

R. Kelly Officially Under Criminal InvestigationUPDATED: 2019/03/18 5:00 PM

Kelly, 52, American record producer, singer, and songwriter, has plead “not guilty” to 10 accounts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four different women. The alleged abuse is said to have occurred over the span of roughly a decade. Of the four women, three were minors at the time the sexual abuse in question occurred. The evidence against R. Kelly has been building for over two decades, with a huge break coming in 2008 when he was acquitted of child pornography charges regarding a video that showed him performing sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl. The singer never confessed to this crime. In an interesting turn of events, a judge has ruled that there will be cameras in the courtroom during R. Kelly’s trial.

His attorney believes that this will work to the benefit of his case, stating that “Mr. Kelly wants this to be an open and transparent process…with cameras in the courtroom, everyone will see what really happens.” However, the women accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse have already asked not to be recorded, photographed, or filmed during the trial. While many are supportive of the idea of cameras recording the trial, other defense attorneys, including Joe Tacopina and Joe Lopez believe this could negatively affect the trial and the singer’s career. Lopez believes that the judge involved in this case could come down harsher on the defense to avoid looking soft on a celebrity who has committed this crime. Further, even if Kelly is found innocent of the allegations, it could negatively affect his fan base.

While a “not guilty” sentencing may follow even with cameras allowed in the courtroom, R. Kelly could face backlash from his fans regardless of the outcome.