Phone Smashing Lawsuit Is Settled Against Conor Mcgregor

Phone Smashing LawsuitUpdated: 4/8/2019 6:55 AM PDT

UFC fighter, Conor McGregor now has one less legal issue he’s involved with after a man dropped a filed lawsuit against him for smashing his phone in Miami. It now appears there was a legal agreement established to put this incident to rest.

As previously reported in the media, 22-year-old Ahmed Abdirzak sued Conor for battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress over the incident that took place on Match 11, at the Fontainebleau hotel.

Abdirzak claimed Conor “flew into a rage and punched [Abdirzak’s] smartphone out of his hand” before “stomping on the phone repeatedly.” Abdirzak was suing for around $15,000. Now, recent court records reveal that Abdirzak has now filed new documents to dismiss his suit against McGregor with prejudice, which is to assume that the two have likely reached a settlement agreement.

Because of Conor’s big fortune, it’s evident that the star could easily cut a cheque and put this matter to rest without needing to take legal action to defend himself.

McGregor is still facing two counts of criminal charges for the incidents which include felony robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief. If convicted on all counts, Conor is looking to face up to 6 years in prison.

His case for those charges is scheduled to take place later this week in front of a judge.

McGregor’s recent behavior doesn’t appear to be bothered by the situation he’s currently in, lately the star has been partying all over the world, feuding with his UFC rivals and watching WrestleMania.

Before Abdirzak filed his lawsuit against McGregor, Abdirzak appeared on “TMZ Live” back in March and told reporters he hadn’t decided if he was going to move forward and sue him, but rather insisting he wants “justice.”