Michael Cohen Will Testify on Capitol Hill This Week

Michael Cohen Will Testify on Capitol Hill This Week Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify before three congressional committees this week. He will testify on Tuesday (2/26/19) before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Wednesday (2/27/19) before the House Oversight Committee and Thursday before the House Oversight committee. His hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday are private, but the House Oversight hearing is public.

Cohen, formerly Trump’s lawyer, pleaded guilty last year to multiple crimes, including lying to Congress and arranging hush money payments to women that allegedly had affairs with the president. He is expected to describe what he views on the president’s “lies, racism and cheating” while President of the United States and while in private business. His three-year long prison sentence is set to begin in May.

Cohen is expected to detail his exact motives for helping president Trump and his motives for coming clean now, offering specific details about how and why he arranged hush money payments under the direction of Trump. He is also expected to provide more detail about his lies to Congress, specifically the allegation that he was directed to lie by the president himself.

He will also allegedly be presenting records of Trump’s finances and recall instances where Trump used his wealth to either help him get into the limelight or out of paying taxes.