Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros., is Leaving

Warner brosUPDATED: 2019/03/19 12:00 PM

Kevin Tsujihara has been with Warner Bros. for 25 years and has contributed to many of their greatest successes. In fact, among the many feathers in his cap, he has helped create a winning formula for a once-struggling Disney Marvel label, bringing in successful movies like Wonder Woman in 2017 and Aquaman in 2019. In 2013, Kevin Tsujihara became the CEO of Warner Bros. However, the Hollywood Reporter recently published an article that exposed text messages between Tsujihara and actress Charlotte Kirk. In these texts, it was revealed that because of an apparent sexual relationship between the two, Tsujihara would push for the actress to get film auditions. While Kirk has been featured in several Warner Bros. films—How To Be Single and Ocean’s 8—Tsujihara’s attorney has stated that Tsujihara did not have any direct role in hiring her for either of these positions.

In addition to the success he brought to the table with Warner Bros. movies, Tsujihara can also be credited with much of the success of the television side, including popular TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Big Bang Theory. John Stankey, WarnerMedia CEO, commented that Tsujihara’s impact has been enormous on Warner Bros., stating that “Kevin has contributed greatly to the studio’s success over the past 25 years and for that we thank him.”

In an effort to not cast a bad light on the company and to ensure that any past mistakes he made does not negatively impact the company, Tsujihara has decided to step down from his role as Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. He sent out a memo stating “It has become clear that my continued leadership could be a distraction and an obstacle to the company’s continued success. The hard work of everyone within our organization is truly admirable, and I won’t let media attention on my past detract from all the great work the team is doing.” By stepping down, Tsujihara hopes that his own mistakes do not mislead anyone regarding the leadership expectations at WarnerMedia or Warner Bros. Stankey has not named anyone as a replacement for Tsujihara at this time.