Jennifer Hart & Wife Sarah Guilty for Driving Their Adopted Children off a Cliff

Updated: 5:02 PM ET, Sat April 6, 2019

Jennifer Hart, who tested positive for being drunk in autopsy reports, drove six of her adopted children in their family SUV, while her wife, Sarah, was sat in the passenger seat looking up many different ways to end a person’s life.

The SUV carrying the Hart family drove off a 100-foot Pacific coast cliff in March of last year, a tragedy that took all eight lives, sparking questions about homicide and abuse of the children.

While the SUV headed towards the destination, the wife, Sarah, was browsing her phone with related searches like:

“How easily can I overdose on over the counter medications?”

“Can 500mg of Benadryl kill a 125 lb woman?”

“How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?”

The horrifying details about this tragedy emerged Thursday after a coroner’s jury agreeably ruled that both Jennifer and Sarah Hart intended to die with their six adopted children: Hannah, 16, Markis, 19, Ciera, 12, Jeremiah & Abigail, both 14, and Devonte, 15.

At first, the plot seemed too unfathomable that both parents would ever put their children in danger by driving them from their home in Woodland, Washington, to their deaths in Mendocino County, California. Their social media pages comprised of the family happily together, with their children holding “love is always beautiful” signs. In some of the photos, they even had on matching T-shirts and broad smiles.

As the story grew and brought more attention to it, more details revealed that the children desperately sought help from nearby neighbors. These allegations brought concern that the two parents abused and starved all six adopted children.

According to a case report, the children also reported racist behavior from both parents.

Witnesses mentioned to the California Highway Patrol that all of the children were “extremely disciplined, almost to the point of being robotic,” forced to walk in a single-file line to the bedroom, and being told when to go to the bathroom, sources claimed.

On March 23, 2018, Bruce DeKalb, the neighbor of the family, called CPS to check on the family. The day after, the family packed up their SUV and began their drive from Washington to California, where the family of eight lost their lives in the tragic and purposeful accident.