Injuring Yourself In A Store Parking Lot

Premises Liability Lawyer

Being in a public parking lot is usually not an uncommon thing. Whether you are going to a movie theater, a grocery store, or a mall, you likely utilize public parking often. If you have been in some kind of accident in a parking lot–you slipped and fell, you were injured as a pedestrian, or you got into a car accident–you may be looking at a premises liability accident. Things can feel complicated when you are on someone else’s property and you get into an accident because you may not be sure who you should file your claim against. It can be helpful to work with a lawyer early on in your claim to establish liability and know how to proceed with your case. 

What To Do In a Premises Liability Case 

Becoming injured on someone else’s property can sometimes feel like a nuisance. If you want to recoup compensation for your injuries, you have to talk to the owner of the parking lot and file a claim. This can feel intrusive, time-consuming, and sometimes embarrassing. However, working with a lawyer, like a premises liability lawyer from a law firm like David & Philpot, P.L., means that you will be off to a good start. After you have been injured on someone else’s property, you will want to:


  • Report the incident. If you can get up and around immediately after the accident, you should go to the store or business associated with the parking lot and ask to speak with the owner. You will want to inform them that you became injured on their property. This helps to show a timeline of the accident and past reports may be available to help boost your claim’s credibility. 
  • Get help from any witnesses. If someone saw the accident occur then they would be valuable to have as witnesses for your claim. You will want to make sure you get their name and their contact information and provide this to your lawyer when you begin moving forward with your case. 
  • Take pictures of the scene. This can be incredibly valuable, especially since you are on someone else’s property. If there is a dangerous area on someone’s property, they may have the opportunity to fix it when you file a claim. You want to take as many pictures and videos as you can while you are still at the scene to give an accurate view of what happened and what the danger was. 
  • Keep the details to yourself. You want to avoid making statements to anyone other than your lawyer. Your lawyer will have your best interests in mind and can help you navigate how to respond to other people. Insurance agents may be calling you or friends and family on social media may be asking you how you are doing. Simply say that you cannot share details of the accident and if an insurance agent calls, tell them you prefer to speak through your lawyer. 

When you are ready, give a local law firm a call to begin moving forward on your case.