Fyre Festival Attendee Suing Netflix Over Using Her Footage in Fyre Documentary

UPDATED 2019/03/01 3:00PM

A woman who attended the legendary fiasco known as Fyre Festival is suing Netflix for stealing her footage of the event. Clarissa Cardenas claims that in 2017, she shot footage of her horrendous experience in the Bahamas, and that Netflix used the video in its documentary about Fyre Festival without licensing it from her. The video, she says, is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

There is no description of her video in the lawsuit, though she does include a screenshot of the video. Regardless, she is sticking by her claim that the video is hers and that Netflix owes her some compensation. She’s suing Netflix and the producer Jerry Media for copyright infringement and is looking to recover $150,000 in damages or a cut of the documentary’s profits.