‘America’s Most Wanted’ Fugitive Caught After Nearly 20 Years

America's most wanted Michael Eugene MooreUPDATED: 2019/01/29

46-year-old Michael Eugene Moore was arrested in his Palm Coast, Florida home after being stopped by police who detected him in a stolen vehicle. Moore was featured on America’s Most Wanted’ over two decades ago after stabbing his wife and abducting their five-year-old daughter in 1996. His wife, then 33, survived the attack and weeks later his daughter was found safe in Miami and she was returned to her home.

The police pulled him over after running his plates and determining that the vehicle was stolen. According to reports, the car had been reported as stolen after Moore allegedly committed arm robbery, tied up the female victim, and fled with her car.

When caught, Moore refused to get out of the vehicle or comply with commands from law enforcement. Three hours later, he finally was taken into custody. He was charged with grand theft and resisting arrest without violence in Florida. He is being held as a fugitive from justice for Virginia authorities, as that is where his original crime took place. It is possible that he will be tried in both states and afforded an attorney.