“Testicular Bill of Rights” Proposed In Objection to Georgia Abortion Bill

Objection to Georgia Abortion Bill UPDATED 2019/03/13 2:00PM

Democratic minority whip Daar’shun Kendrick is proposing a law that would make it an “aggravated assault” for men to have sex without a condom and would require men to obtain permission from their partner before seeking a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs. Among her other proposals are DNA testing at the sixth week of pregnancy to determine paternity and requirements for the father to make immediate child support payments. It would also ban vasectomy procedures and introduce a 24-hour waiting period for men to buy porn or sex toys in Georgia.

The bill is in response to Georgia’s House of Representatives passing a “heartbeat bill” that would ban abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. The bill is moving to the State Senate, which is Republican-controlled. She said on a radio interview, “If the state of Georgia is going to be concerned with regulating women’s reproductive rights, I think it’s only fitting that we also do that for men’s reproductive rights.” She said that the point of the bill “really is to draw attention to what I think is an absurdity.”

While some aspects of the bill are a “tongue-in-cheek response,” the lawmaker’s concern about the abortion bill, HB-401, is serious. She says that it will lead to women subjecting themselves to unsafe abortions, and emphasized that her overall goal is to reduce abortions. She feels the bill is “definitely unconstitutional,” and that it is really intended to test the waters in the Supreme Court to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade.

The bill was not filed in time to be taken up by the chamber, but Kendrick is certainly making a point.