Attorney Tim Kassouni

Attorney Tim KassouniAttorney Timothy (Tim) Kassouni, founding member and Litigation Director of Kassouni Law, started the firm in 2009 when he perceived a need for a singular property rights firm: one that exclusively represents property owners in litigation against the government. “It surprised me that many firms would have no compulsion with representation of property owners in one case, and in the next case represent the government.” Mr. Kassouni commented at the time.

Eleven years later, Kassouni Law has established itself through landmark cases, the most prominent victory being the First District Court of Appeal decision in Lockaway Storage v. County of Alameda. In that case, the County of Alameda contended that a growth control initiative prevented a storage company from completing a project after it had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs prior to the enactment of the same growth control ordinance. The County of Alameda and its individual employees, including its zoning administrator, refused to even acknowledge the argument that the growth control initiative expressly exempted projects which had received all discretionary approvals. The Court of Appeal characterized the County’s arguments as “nonsense” and confirmed the trial court’s award of over $1 million in damages and over $750,000 in attorney’s fees.

The Lockaway case illustrates Timothy Kassouni’s commitment to take cases through trial and appeal. The case had over 12 witnesses and took over two weeks. It also involved several summary judgment motions and a contempt of court proceeding when the County refused to comply with a court order mandating the issuance of a permit for completion of the project.

Unfortunately, the egregious behavior of the County of Alameda and its employees in the Lockaway case is not isolated. Governmental entities consistently twist and flout the law in order to impede or outright deny development which property owners are entitled to complete. Timothy Kassouni can assist property owners in fighting back against such behavior. And because Timothy Kassouni will never represent the government, he has no “bridges to burn” and will pursue all available legal remedies.

Timothy Kassouni’s background laid a solid foundation for fighting against government deprivation of individual liberties and property rights. Born in New York and growing up in the Central Valley of Fresno, as a child, Timothy Kassouni would often stand up to bullies who would pick on younger children. At U.C. Berkeley he studied political philosophy and was struck by the relative lack of respect and interest in the natural rights which formed the foundation of our United States Constitution.

At Loyola Law School, Timothy Kassouni studied eminent domain and inverse condemnation law under world renowned property rights Professor Gideon Kanner. While in law school Mr. Kassouni completed a judicial externship with California Supreme Court Justice David N. Eagleson. After law school, Mr. Kassouni received the first Fritz B. Burns Foundation fellowship with the Pacific Legal Foundation, and later became Director of Litigation with the Zumbrun Law Firm. Mr. Zumbrun was the founder of the Pacific Legal Foundation in 1973.

Over ten years after starting Kassouni Law, Timothy Kassouni is as excited as ever about helping property owners assert their rights and defending their liberties in Court.

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